The Advantages of the New Wooden Watch


Everybody keeps track of time every day, anywhere and of course, any time. We are preoccupied with time, like time to wake up, go to school or work, or time to leave, and time to sleep. We use various kinds of pieces to keep track of time, from sundials, hourglasses, clock towers, grandfather clocks, alarm clocks, and so on. These things are man’s age old tool to keep track of time.

When the wrist watch was invented in the late 19th century, there were many designs and variations that were introduced. There were watches for the military, for underwater use, even adjusted to the use of outer space, for the blind, and others. And now, the most interesting one that designers and the market are introducing is the wooden watch.

The wood watch was said to be an inspiration from the traditional pocket models. The wood watch is advisable to use to those with sensitive skin this material is hypoallergenic. The name wood watch is of course not entirely made of wood. Some wood watch has stainless steel back, some have the strap as the only part made of wood, and some placed another material to give a vintage look of the watch.

As far as fashion is concern, the wood watch among the best womens wooden watches is great since it is hand-made, thus it gives a different selling point of view. Because of the property of the wood, this item cannot be mass produced, meaning each watch has a unique look because of the wood grains and thus each watch differ from one to the other. There are different colors that can be offered in a wood watch, from dark ebony to light maple. Each design is unique especially developing its look once one would start using it. The natural oils in your skin gradually blend with the wood grains thus making the color eventually personalized. Wood also changes its texture and color over time, making it glamorous as it is used for a long time.

Note that wood watch like tense wood watch is very light in weight thus gives comfort in your all day wear. It is also durable because the wood material is not affected with the change in the environment’s temperature. You get also the sense of being near to nature with the use of material that comes from mother earth. Having a personal belonging that is eco-friendly is another advantage in buying and wearing wood watch. This material comes from trees that can be replanted, and thus you are contributing to the sustainability of our forest.

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